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 Mar 22    Parliament passes the Stamp Act (effective Nov 1st

 Mar 18    Parliament repeals Stamp Act, passes the Declaratory Act

 May 29    Parliament passes the Townshend Acts.

 Mar 5       The Boston Massacre

 Apr 12      Parliament repeals the Townshend Acts

 May 10      Parliament passes the Tea Act

 Dec 10      The Boston Tea Party

 Mar-Jun     Parliament passes to Coercive Acts

 May 10      2nd Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia

 Jan 10      Thomas Paine’s Common Sense is Published

 Jul 2-4      Continental Congress approves and signs the Declaration                     of  Independence

 Jun 14      Congress passes the Flag Resolution

 Nov          Congress drafts the Articles of Confederation

 Winter     Washington & the Continental Army winter in Valley Forge

 Feb 6      Treaty of Amity and Commerce and the Treaty of Alliance.

 Jun 21      Spain issues a formal declaration of war against Great                    Britain

 Oct 19      Cornwallis surrenders his army to Washington after the                    Siege of Yorktown.

 Sep 3      Treaty of Paris formally ends the American Revolution

 Dec 23      Washington resigns his commission as commander-in-                     chief of the Continental Army

 Jan 12      Continental Congress ratifies the Treaty of Paris

 Oct            Peggy Stewart Tea Party

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 Oct 19      Burning of the Brig Peggy                    Stewart

Apr 19 - Battles of Lexington and Concord

Jun 17 - Battle of Bunker Hill

Aug 27 - Battle at Long Island

Oct 28 - Battle of White Plains

Sep 11- Oct 19 - Siege of Yorktown

Dec 9 - Battle of Great Bridge

Dec 26 - 2nd Battle of Trenton

Jan 3 - Battle of Princeton

The Revolutionary Timeline Peggy Stewart  Timeline

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