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Peggy Stewart 250 An America 250 Commemorative Event

October 19, 1774…

Annapolis sparks Maryland’s active participation in the American Revolution when angry colonists force the burning of a ship carrying the detestable weed tea.

The Port of Annapolis becomes the fiery scene of a budding nation clamoring for independence from Great Britain’s repressive taxation and tyranny.

October 19, 2024…

Commemorate the Burning of the Peggy Stewart – also called the Annapolis Tea Party -- 250 years to the day after shipping merchant Anthony Stewart, a loyalist to the Crown, rowed out to the merchant brigantine he owned and set it ablaze at the insistence of an outraged mob.

Join the John Paul Jones Chapter, National Society Sons of the American Revolution

For a living history exhibition of The Burning of the Peggy Stewart

October 19, 2024

In downtown, historic Annapolis

Peggy Stewart 250 Committee

We are a collaboration of nonprofit organizations commemorating this seminal Maryland event

in the history of our nation via a living history experience

Contact us at committee@peggystewart250.org for more information

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